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Do we remove NIF -Web??

...NIF Web from the NIF interface, because it seems to be less useful than other portions of the NIF. Are there any avid NIF Web users that would be unhappy about this change?
by bandrow

A: view in pivot?

...nif/nifgwt.html?quer ... ype:Images NeuroMorpho ... ype:Images Human Brain Atlas ... ype:Images BrainMaps http://neuinfo...
by bandrow

A: Phosphorylation resources?

...NIF (including a broader description of many diseases) and 2 it searches through a full text field, not available through NIF. Searching in NIF is not going to replace searching the native resources ...
by bandrow

Where Can I Find All of the NIF YouTube Videos?

NIF's YouTube channel can be found URL:]here. These videos include introductions to NIF features as well as "How to&qu...
by aarnaud

A: Where do I download the protein data of B. subtilis?

...nif/nifgwt.html?query=Bacillus%20subtilis%20protein%20abundance&tab=literature:3h0y52zd]Literature. Also, searching just for Bacillus subtilis yields 5 URL:
by aarnaud

A: metadata scheme?

...NIF and what I find when I search directly in the databases, and usually find far fewer hits within NIF--is this because the entries need to be continually added into NIF? Sue
by bandrow

A: gene annotation

...nif/nifgwt.html?quer ... evel:Genes From NIF services a machine user can: Hit this NIF web service to pull all of the results for a given query. ... ene?q=grm...
by bandrow

Why are some search results underlined?

...NIF employs entity recognition to identify terms that are in the NIFSTD ontologies. The NIFSTD ontologies cover the major domains of neuroscience and are used in the NIF system to help with search. ...
by mmartone

A: Where can I find microscopic images of brain

...NIF here: ... ype:Images"
by jcachat

How do I search GEO or other identifiers?

...nif/nifgwt.html?eq=mouse%20NOT%20Human vs URL:
by bandrow

Searching NIF by data formats

...NIF if I specify formats like dicom, Affymetrics, ...
by bandrow

Phosphorylation resources?

...NIF and did not realize there were so many resources in general and so many already in the NIF registry. Good going! I am perplexed that only 3 clinical trials showed up, since I think many of the...
by bandrow

What concepts do you need?

...NIF interfaces allow us to automatically search for some concepts that are important to neuroscience. For example, if you search NIF for GABAergic neurons, it automatically searches for types of GABA...
by memartone

A: searching for RTPCR primers

...NIF for "Real Time" and "PCR primer". The NIF Registry returned PrimerBank, ... b=registry which looks like they have what you are looking f...
by aarnaud

Search tips-abbreviations

NIF is very proud of its large data federation and resource registry. When you combine these with the literature, we believe that NIF is the largest source of neuroscience information on the web. Bu...
by memartone

Boolean searches in NIF

NIF allows users to construct Boolean queries (AND/OR) using keywords by selecting the AND/OR buttons below the keyword search box on the advanced interface. NIF operates as a sort of concept-based i...
by memartone

metadata scheme?

...NIF, along the lines of MODS, TEI, DC, etc. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I'm getting lost in the "trees". In your blog on the NIF site you say: "Metadata structure ...
by bandrow

Search tips-search option

...NIF Search Options box, the upper right panel of the NIF search interface, provides the ability to expand keyword searches with related concepts. When NIF recognizes a search term from the ontology (...
by memartone

LinkOuts in Literature - What are these?

...NIF literature ( ... literature). These mean that someone
by bandrow

How do I add a resource to the NIF Registry?

...NIF Home page select 'Register a Resource' from the left hand panel. Follow the steps provided. After you have filled in the fields (at minimum include the URL)
by aarnaud

A: Search tips-strict search

...nif/nifgwt.html?quer ... rict=false strict: ... trict=true Note
by bandrow

What is Cerebellum^5.0

...NIF may have noticed in the detailed search box that each term is followed by a number. So if you search for cerebellum, it appears that it is searching for Cerebellum^5.0. The NIF allows us to cust...
by memartone

The Future of NIF Literature

...NIF Literature upon us, we ask the community what you would like to see. Are there any tools/services on top of the literature that would you like to see? Should articles outside of PubMed be included...
by aarnaud

Exporting NIF results

...NIF searches can be downloaded in spreadsheet format by clicking on the "Export" button at the upper right hand corner of the results display window. In some cases, licensing agreements pre...
by memartone

A: Microarray Gene Expression Software

...NIF Registry. Including sample data sets that can be downloaded from public databases and software packages that allow you to compare data. You can find these resources here:
by jcachat


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