BIDS Validation Error: valid naming of DWI-data

Hi All,

I am struggling getting our DWI-data into a format that’s accepted by the BIDS-validator – I keep getting the “Files with such naming schemes are not part of BIDS specification”. I’'ve attached the full error report from the online validator, and here’s a screenshot showing the issue:

Can anyone spot the error? I can’t find any mismatch between the naming and the latest BIDS specification (i.e. this part:


Btw, the dataset has been converted to niftis using heudiconv+dcm2niix. Data are multiband (MB4) with sbrefs associated (HCP-lifespan protocol for Siemens Prisma). Phase encoding direction is AP, but we’ve collected a few b0 volumes with opposite PE (indicated by the _dir-<label>). Different diffusion-weighting directions were sampled over two runs (indicated by the _acq-<label>).


ACon1_errors.txt (22.2 KB)

Hi, Markus,

Days ago I also had problems when deal with DWI data using heudiconv, here is my original post and inputs from others:Heudiconv missed on fmri scan.
I am not sure whether you have similar problem as I did (I am not an expert), but, just in case ;-).

Good luck.

dir filename keyword is a recent addition to the spec not yet supported by the current release of the validator. Could you try this version: ?

Thanks @ChrisGorgolewski! And thanks, @hcp4715, I hadn’t seen that post.

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