Could someone with The Power please create some new brain-related tags?


I am not able to create new tags, but it would be nice to have some for the humble diffusion community. Would it be possible to create the following?

  • dwi (diffusion weighted imaging)
  • dti (diffusion tensor imaging)
  • diffusion
  • tractography
  • hardi (high angular resolution diffusion imaging)
  • tortoise (a popular and freely available software package for diffusion processing)
  • fatcat (tools mainly for diffusion processing, now within AFNI)
  • suma (surface-based tools, which get frequent use for DTI-related viewing)

Possible people of interest to help in particular: @satra, @yarikoptic.


do you have this option to create tags when you make a new post?

I was able to create the tags dwi and dti when making a new post, I don’t know if I have more permissions allowing me to do that.


@ptaylor - we can’t create new tags without attaching them to a post. also at this point i think there are several people at a trust level who can create tags.

the easiest would be to point to a couple of posts where we can insert the relevant tags. or when you post something on the topic, just let us know. i inserted 5 of our requests to this post.

regarding dwi, dti, diffusion, i would say dmri exists.


@jdkent: thanks, I think you do have reached a trust plateau that I have not; when I try typing tags, I am not allowed to make new ones.

@satra: ah, I didn’t think of “dmri” (had just tried “diffusion”, “dwi” and “dti”)-- glad to know that exists.

The exact use cases for several of those desired tags were this post: post1
… and, to a lesser extent, this one: post2

I will keep working to get to an appropriate trust level then!