dHCP bedpostx output inclided in second release?

Hi all,

We’ve found the new diffusion pipeline very helpful, but we were wondering if bedpostx has already been run and is included with the second release? Thanks so much!

Dear Laura,

Thanks very much for your message. Happy to hear you are happy with the dHCP neonatal diffusion pipeline.

The bedpostx results have not been included in the second data release. If you would like to estimate fibre orientations using bedpostx, I would recommend using model 3 and the parameters specified in the dHCP_neo_dMRI_runBPX.sh script (https://git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/matteob/dHCP_neo_dMRI_pipeline_release/blob/master/dHCP_neo_dMRI_runBPX.sh).

Hope this helps, cheers,

Dear Matteo,

Thanks so much for letting me know. We’ll make sure to use the dHCP_neo_dMRI_runBPX.sh script!

Very best,