Freesurfer/tracula error with command tract all -prep: No such file or directory


Hi all,

I hope someone of you could help me with solving this error with tract all.

This is the error:
“mv: cannot stat ?/project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/freesurfer/tracula_out/sub030/sub030/dmri/dwi_orig_las.nii.gz?: No such file or directory
Linux 4.4.121-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 #1 SMP Sun Mar 11 14:33:50 EDT 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
trac-preproc exited with ERRORS at wo mrt 27 18:26:20 CET 2019”

This is what I did:
1 run recon all
I saw in log file that recon all was succesfull :“recon-all -s sub030 finished without error at zo mrt 24 01:04:21 CET 2019”

2 create configurarion file for that subject
sh /project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/freesurfer/sub$subjectName /project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/sub030/FDT_Data 7 /project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/sub030/FDT_Data.bedpostX /project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/freesurfer/tracula_out/sub030

3 run trac-all prep
~/ -T 2000 -u 15gb trac-all -prep -c /project/3015068.01/ilecam/RUNDMC_dwi_2015/subset_declined_constant/test_tracula/freesurfer/tracula_out/sub030/tracula_config.txt

Any advice is appreciated!
Thank you in advance!