GSOC 2020 project idea 29: DIPY: Deep learning based MRI registration

What are guidelines and template we have to follow while writing our proposals?
I could not find any specific link regarding the Proposals Template.


Hi there,

I am very interested on this project, in my lab we develop methods for neuroimaging, specially for MRI, and fMRI. I have background building machine learning and deep learning models for different applications. I have the following questions:

  1. Do we need to propose the deeplearning model (architecture) based on papers provided or found by us ?
  2. Do you have data to test, train and validate the model ?
  3. Do you have a structure for the project proposal ?

Have a nice day,


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Hi Everyone!! Anyone received any update from our mentors through mail.Since,it has been a long time this forum received any reply from the mentors.I know they are busy too given the current situation of the world.
I hope that everyone is safe and taking care of yourself.

Congratulation,Sarath Chandra for getting your proposal accepted.
This project idea is really an interesting one and I too learnt a lot about the Image registration,which I was not familiar about before.I read a number of fascinating papers regarding this projects such as “Spatial Transformer Network”(Do check out the paper).I get to know about DIPY library and the community,they are very dedicated towards building these cool functionalities for the medical imaging purposes.I am very glad that I got a chance to contribute a little bit to their project.

Although,I do have some issues which I think the organisation should consider.

  • I barely heard from the mentors in this forum after the opening of the student application period

  • I do not get a single reply from the mentors since Mar 19,which is “I will go through this over the weekend and get back to you”.I never heard from them again.

  • I didn’t receive a single review and feedback on the first draft of the proposals

  • I also shared some of the substantial resources regarding this project which I found,believing that it is an open community which I now think I should have never done.

I can understand that mentors were busy too dealing with a large number of proposals reports.But this can’t be the justification of not receiving a single reply from the mentors or maybe these are just a part of your process.
I do not mean any disrespect to anyone.I am just writing what I have personally experienced.

I wishes all of you a very happy and healthy life.
Thank you