GSoC 2021 project idea 10.1: Neurobot: XNAT connector for neuroimaging data integration

Neurobot is a web based application for simplifying data sharing and metadata management for research. In Neurobot, imaging metadata is now uploaded as a CSV or JSON together with the URLs to actual images. Direct integration with the APIs provided by a platform like XNAT ( would allow data managers to better describe imaging metadata and combine it with data from other sources like clinical data forms and share it through Neurobot.

The proposal is to create a plugin for neurobot that connects to an XNAT instance APIs (XNAT REST API Directory - XNAT API Documentation - XNAT Documentation Wiki), fetch metadata, apply transformations and load it to Neurobot datastore.

Mentors: Visakh Muraleedharan @visakh , Sumit Neema; INCF

Knowledge: Node.js, REACT, MongoDB

Tags: Neurobot, Node.js, REACT, MongoDB

Hello Visakh Muraleedharan @visakh , Sumit Neema

I am Sakshi Kalekar , an undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Engineering from College of Engineering Pune, India.
I am aspiring to participate in GSoC’21 through INCF . I have been working with Javascript, NodeJs, CSS and HTML for a year. Currently, I am working with ReactJs and reading XNAT Documentation. I am interested in this project and would like to contribute to the project. I am looking for a good starting point for this project. Could you please help me with this?

Hello Visakh Muraleedharan @visakh , Sumit Neema
I’m Chetanya Tomar,3rd year Student from Computer Science Engineering at B.I.E.T Jhansi.My skill set consists of React.js,Node,js,Mongodb and javascript and would like to contribute to this community and also willing to participate in GSOC’21 through this project.
It would be a great help to me if you could guide me how to start with this project and I’ve already read the necessary documents which were given in the projects post.
If you could set-up a google-meet regarding this project anytime favourable to you ,then it would be a great help to all the people who are willing to contribute to this project.