GSoC 2023 Project Idea 8.1 Efficient app-based measurement of visual functions in in infants and young children (350 h)

@Shikha_Sharma, you are welcome. Please take a look at the thread above and also at the Github page.

@JyothiSwaroopReddy07 @Taran_Tuteja @Sai_Harshitha_Peddi @soham_mulye @not_shobhit @Sahil_Sahu @Shikha_Sharma @Wenjing_Mao - I have posted an update on Github and am available to discuss it further, starting today. If you remain seriously interested in this project, please send me a message here, if you have not done so already.

If i have missed someone’s name here, please get in touch with me as well.

Regarding GSoC, there will be anywhere from 0-3 slots on this project probably, with 1-2 being the most likely number. But it is impossible to know until GSoC makes its decision, we submit rankings, and GSoC decides how many slots to allot. However, all the work done by you via task-completion will be credited.

Ok @suresh.krishna I’ll go through the files starting this evening.

Thank you so much for the update @suresh.krishna sir. Will go through the files now itself.

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Please note that you cannot be doing another job/internship/coursework during the GSoC period without prior discussion and approval, and it has to be mentioned clearly in your proposal. You are expected to be devoting full time and attention for 350 hours in total, during the week, not on weekends. Daily updates as well as availability for meetings will be expected. GSoC pays quite well for this internship. Please understand that if this is violated, you are in serious risk of failing the program.

You can see this clearly described in various messages here:

hi @suresh.krishna. I am Ahmed Abdelgelel, I am interested in this project . I am already working on my grad project like this for weapon detection and tracking and face recognition, and I have experience with a deep-learning model and python, and I love to contribute to this project if there is any qualification task I would love to start contributing.

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@Ahmed_Abdelgelel - welcome aboard. go through the github… there is a task described there. also please go through the entire thread here.

i am Aditya ojha.I am second year student at NIT ,Hamirpur. I have gone through all the documentation and also checked previous project. first of all this is a very interesting and innovative projects which motivates me to contribute in it. I have prior experience in image processing and deep learning. i have made similar projects as well. i would love to contribute to this project . can you tell how i direct message you and can share my resume so that you can guide me from where to begin to start contributing.

Hii @suresh.krishna, I’ve run all the experiments that were assigned to us in pyschopy. Also I’ve inferenced my own video in the neural network of icatcher_plus. I’ve checked grating acuity and contrast sensitivity by tweaking their frequency and contrast respectivily while keeping the other fixed. I’ve got fine results in those experiments. Now I’ll start making my proposal. Can you please help me by assigning some more tasks (if there are any) and making my proposal better. I already sent you my CV

welcome aboard. go through the github… there is a task described there. also please go through the entire thread here. @Aditya_Ojha

@not_shobhit, you can upload what you have done somewhere and send me a link. you can also work on a proposal and if it is sent in time, i can offer suggestions for improvement.

Hii @suresh.krishna Since it’s time for results to be announced we are very excited to know if we are selected or not. Please tell us who are selected for this project under gsoc 2023