Heudiconv: BIDS heuristics for SDCorrection in fmriPrep

Hi all,

About SDCorrection in fmriPrep I have a pair of SE EPI images with reverse phase encoding direction in addition of the RS-fMRI images. How should I set in this case heuristic to be correct regarding BIDS format ?

Same question regarding DTI but I only have one reverse PE direction volume in addition of the 4D dwi files ?

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The should go into fmap - see section of the spec - http://bids.neuroimaging.io/bids_spec1.1.1.pdf#page=28. Remember to set the IntendedFor field (it’s optional in BIDS, but required by FMRIPREP)

See this answer: Getting data into BIDS format

Thank you @ChrisGorgolewski.

In both cases, fmriPrep will recognize properly these BIDS filenames for the choice of SDC ?

Shall I set manually the IntendedFor field in json file or is there a way of doing this in heuristics ?

FMRIPREP does not process DWI data so only the EPI images will be used.

I don’t know heudiconv well enough, but hopefully someone else will chime in.

Thanks @ChrisGorgolewski.

@mgxd do you know how would I do ?

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@mattvan83 currently this not supported in heudiconv - you will have to add the necessary scans to the JSON file posthoc conversion. This is something we’ve discussed and hope to add in the future

Thanks @mgxd, hope this will be integrated too in next future.

Concerning reverse phase encoding acquisitions, how should they have to be declared in heuristics to be BIDS validated ?