How can I create new tags?

  • nipype
  • nilearn
  • fmriprep
  • mriqc
  • openfmri
  • neurovault

many of those are already there. does that mean you cannot tag at all? or the tags are missing?

No - I just didn’t look. Sorry. Updated list:

  • nilearn
  • mriqc
  • openfmri
  • neurovault
  • bids
  • nidm

@Chris_Fitzpatrick - is there a way for an admin to create new tags? if so could you please add the ones the chris requested.

registration , ANTs -> Specify output resolution for antsRegistration


Sorry, this was @'ed to my other “test” user account which is attached to another gmail account, not my “real” account.
Will updated that user name to avoid that confusion. Sorry!

Yes, to create a tag, currently a user has to have at least a trust level or at least 3. We can change that if needed…I don’t see a lot tag spamming happening.

and these tags should be in there now.

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Is there a way for admins or other advanced users to assign tags to other users posts?

I think the only people who can edit posts are admins and the person who created the post.
And admin can edit the post and add tags.

if u want to ask any thing contact sufyan


I’m thinking of also providing support for some software on Neurostars.

What about creating per-software categories? This would improve the focus of discussions. Hopefully this software allows admins to move threads after creation?

Could you link to an example post (this is an only way we can currently create new tags)

Thanks for the help.

Done. Welcome onboard!

Hey guys,

TL;DR: could we please get a new developing-connectome tag to support user feedback for the developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP)

With the new upcoming release of the developing connectome dataset, we were thinking of hosting Q&A user support on NeuroStars.

Don’t worry we’d handle most of the replies of course, although it would be great to see an active community arising with the dataset :slight_smile:

Do you think it would be fine to create an initial developing-connectome tag? I’m not a big fan of the dhcp acronym since it’s hard to look up later on for obvious networking precedence… but open to other suggestions.

I guess a single tag encompassing all the aspects of the project (access to the dataset, processing pipelines, general feedback, …) would be sufficient initially as we do not expect a massive amount of traffic. Also it can surely be combined with existing tags on neurostars and enrich the set of solutions.

If that works for you, we could start advertising neurostars as the de facto solution to get support with our dataset, since we already have to deal with a few emails here and there with regards to our initial beta data release.


I’ve tried to create a new tag, but there seems to be a character length limit that developing-connectome exceeds by just one character…

Why not just to keep it the short “dHCP” – due to domain specifics of the website unlikely we would ever need a DHCP tag (as for “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol”)?

Yeah of course neurostars is domain specific, but i was more thinking about web indexing :slight_smile:

What about developingHCP? That’d be consistent with our twitter handle.

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Not sure if this matters, but tags need to be all lower case.