2 tasks, each with 3 runs and 3 conditions in FSL

Summary of what happened:

Hi – I am trying to design 1st and 2nd level analyses for my study in FSL. We have 2 tasks run separately (help and solo), both with 3 runs and 3 conditions in each. We would like to have contrasts which compare between the tasks.


FSL 6.0.4

Environment (Docker, Singularity / Apptainer, custom installation):

High Performance Cluster

Screenshots / relevant information:

Right now we have these contrasts specified for each run in our first level models:

  • Help
    • HelpRegNeg > HelpFix
    • HelpLookNeg > HelpFix
    • HelpRegNeg > HelpLookNeg
    • HelpLookNeg > HelpLookNeut
  • Solo
    • SoloRegNeg > SoloFix
    • SoloLookNeg > SoloFix
    • SoloRegNeg > SoloLookNeg
    • SoloLookNeg > SoloLookNeut

Is there anyway to also specify the following contrasts?:

  • HelpRegNeg > SoloRegNeg
  • HelpLookNeg > SoloLookNeg
  • HelpRegNeg > SoloRegNeg
  • HelpLookNeg > SoloLookNeg

I am guessing it would be to load in 2 FEAT input files in the 2nd level models but I am not 100% sure and would like input on where in my processing creating these contrasts make sense.

Thanks in advance!