3dmvm can't find my files

Every time I run the following script on afni 3dmvm, I get the following error. I can’t get past this error message and am trying to figure out what in the world I am missing. Please please help…

***** End of data structure information *****

Reading input files now…

** Error:
Problem with input files! Two possibilities: 1) There is a specification error
with either file path or file name. Use shell command ‘ls’ on the last column in the
data table to find out the problem. 2) At least one of the input files has different dimensions:
either (1) numbers of voxels along X, Y, Z axes are different across files;
or (2) some input files have more than one value per voxel.
Run “3dinfo -header_line -prefix -same_grid -n4 *.HEAD” in the directory
where the files are stored, and pinpoint out which file(s) is the trouble maker.
Replace *.HEAD with *.nii or something similar for other file formats.

I am running the script in the same location as my data. The files look like this…


Here is my script below…

3dMVM -prefix Exclusion_High_risk
-bsVars "grp<em>age+site"
-qVars "age"
-qVarsCenters '18.4'
-num_glf 2
-glfLabel 1 RISKvHC_exclude -glfCode 1 'grp : 1</em>RISK -1<em>HC'
-glfLabel 2 RISKvHC_over -glfCode 2 'grp : 1</em>RISK -1*HC'
Subj grp age site condition InputFile
a001 HC 21.1 UT exclude stats.a001+tlrc'[13]'
a002 HC 18.4 UC exclude stats.a002+tlrc'[13]'
a004 HC 14.6 UC exclude stats.a004+tlrc'[13]'
a017 HC 21.5 UT exclude stats.a017+tlrc'[13]'
a024 RISK 14.2 UC exclude stats.a024+tlrc'[13]'
a025 HC 18.9 UT exclude stats.a025+tlrc'[13]'
a030 RISK 16.4 UC exclude stats.a030+tlrc'[13]'
a032 RISK 14.9 UC exclude stats.a032+tlrc'[13]'
a034 RISK 14.2 UC exclude stats.a034+tlrc'[13]'
a041 RISK 20.0 UT exclude stats.a041+tlrc'[13]'
a042 HC 19.0 UC exclude stats.a042+tlrc'[13]'
a045 HC 18.5 UT exclude stats.a045+tlrc'[13]'
a052 RISK 15.8 UC exclude stats.a052+tlrc'[13]'
a058 RISK 17.7 UC exclude stats.a058+tlrc'[13]'
a060 RISK 16.0 UC exclude stats.a060+tlrc'[13]'
a073 RISK 19.7 UT exclude stats.a073+tlrc'[13]'
a087 RISK 19.2 UT exclude stats.a087+tlrc'[13]'
a101 HC 20.5 UT exclude stats.a101+tlrc'[13]'
a105 HC 20.9 UT exclude stats.a105+tlrc'[13]'
a116 HC 20.5 UC exclude stats.a116+tlrc'[13]'
a119 HC 19.8 UT exclude stats.a119+tlrc'[13]'
a129 HC 20.9 UT exclude stats.a129+tlrc'[13]'
a130 HC 19.8 UC exclude stats.a130+tlrc'[13]'
a131 HC 20.7 UT exclude stats.a131+tlrc'[13]'
a134 HC 18.4 UC exclude stats.a134+tlrc'[13]'
a135 RISK 17.3 UT exclude stats.a135+tlrc'[13]'
a141 RISK 17.7 UT exclude stats.a141+tlrc'[13]'
a145 HC 21.3 UT exclude stats.a145+tlrc'[13]'
a146 HC 15.8 UC exclude stats.a146+tlrc'[13]'
a147 RISK 18.9 UT exclude stats.a147+tlrc'[13]'
a153 RISK 19.0 UT exclude stats.a153+tlrc'[13]'
b007 HC 21.9 UT exclude stats.b007+tlrc'[13]'
b009 HC 18.8 UT exclude stats.b009+tlrc'[13]'
b010 HC 18.3 UC exclude stats.b010+tlrc'[13]'
b014 RISK 14.4 UC exclude stats.b014+tlrc'[13]'
b022 RISK 15.4 UC exclude stats.b022+tlrc'[13]'
b029 RISK 18.8 UT exclude stats.b029+tlrc'[13]'
b048 RISK 18.2 UC exclude stats.b048+tlrc'[13]'
b054 RISK 17.8 UC exclude stats.b054+tlrc'[13]'
b065 RISK 17.2 UT exclude stats.b065+tlrc'[13]'
b071 RISK 20.3 UT exclude stats.b071+tlrc'[13]'
b074 RISK 19.5 UC exclude stats.b074+tlrc'[13]'
b075 RISK 19.9 UT exclude stats.b075+tlrc'[13]'
b083 RISK 14.3 UT exclude stats.b083+tlrc'[13]'
b095 RISK 18.6 UT exclude stats.b095+tlrc'[13]'
b100 HC 20.2 UC exclude stats.b100+tlrc'[13]'
b103 RISK 19.7 UT exclude stats.b103+tlrc'[13]'
b117 HC 18.6 UT exclude stats.b117+tlrc'[13]'
b123 RISK 20.5 UT exclude stats.b123+tlrc'[13]'
b132 HC 15.2 UC exclude stats.b132+tlrc'[13]'
b140 HC 20.3 UC exclude stats.b140+tlrc'[13]'
b143 RISK 14.1 UT exclude stats.b143+tlrc'[13]'
b144 RISK 19.6 UC exclude stats.b144+tlrc'[13]'
b148 RISK 14.7 UC exclude stats.b148+tlrc'[13]'
b149 HC 14.0 UT exclude stats.b149+tlrc'[13]'
b150 RISK 17.5 UC exclude stats.b150+tlrc'[13]'
b154 RISK 17.2 UC exclude stats.b154+tlrc'[13]'
b155 RISK 17.3 UT exclude stats.b155+tlrc'[13]'
b161 HC 19.7 UT exclude stats.b161+tlrc'[13]'
b163 HC 20.7 UT exclude stats.b163+tlrc'[13]'
b165 HC 20.5 UT exclude stats.b165+tlrc'[13]'
b167 HC 21.1 UT exclude stats.b167+tlrc'[13]'
b173 HC 21.7 UT exclude stats.b173+tlrc'[13]'

Could someone please help, I can’t get past this error. I am running AFNI on a docker program on my super computer. Please please help.



Just to note for any future generations following this question, it is being discussed (and hopefully addressed) on the AFNI Message Board here: