3dTproject has error but carries on (** ERROR: SVD fails in compute_psinv()!)

Hello folks,

We are working on a BOLD/ASL multiecho sequence, and I am running in some problems.
I am following this article
Where they detrend BOLD and artefacts components from the first echos (out of 4) in order to isolate ASL signal.
I am using 3dTproject to extract the outputs of tedana (after ASL signal has been filtred (0.09Hz)).

See image below for more clarification.

The error i’m running into doesn’t ring any bell on internet, so I’m asking for some help :).

3dTproject -input ECHO1 -dsort desc-optcomRejected_bold.nii.gz -dsort desc-optcomDenoised_bold.nii.gz -polort -1 -mask brain_mask.nii

++ Starting project-orization
** ERROR: SVD fails in compute_psinv()!
++ Convert results to output dataset

It still outputs a timeseries dataset, but I wonder what is going on under the curtain.

On a side note, 3dTproject can project both components datasets if I run them separatly, but I know it is not recommanded.

Thanks for any help