3rd NiPreps/fMRIPrep roundup

We will be having our bi-monthly roundup tomorrow July 14 @ 17.00 CEST.

If you want to know/keep updated about NiPreps (www.nipreps.org), TemplateFlow (www.templateflow.org) and/or fMRIPrep (www.fmriprep.org), please request joining our GH team (https://github.com/orgs/nipreps/teams/fmriprep-contributors). The announcement for tomorrow’s gathering can be found here - https://github.com/orgs/nipreps/teams/fmriprep-contributors/discussions/4

See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi @oesteban,

thank you very much for organizing these roundups.
I was wondering how interested folks should request to join the
team as both github team links result in a 404 if people are not
already part of the/a team?

Thanks again. Cheers, Peer

Hi @PeerHerholz, you are right - thanks for reporting this.

Although I made the GH team public, it seems that you must belong in the organization to be able to see it.

Anyone interested, please DM your GH username so that I add you to the team.

For upcoming roundups, I’ll try to figure out a better way to go around this issue.

Hi @oesteban,

coolio, thanks so much for your fast reply and the additional information!

Cheers, Peer