A collection of publicly available datasets

the curated project datasets are polished and ready to be used, but are a bit lacking in some domains of student interest, like human ephys. It is advised that projects take advantage of those datasets as much as possible, in the interest of maximizing time spent on modeling (instead of cleaning), but we can compile a list of openly available datasets for the students to explore in case they really want to work in a particular domain.

Disclaimer: these vary in their quality of metadata & organization.

Some lists:




Thanks for sharing, I’ll direct my pod to take a look and contribute (if the want) on these as well.


I wanted to add a few other here as well:

  1. The PhysioNet database: They have around 130 datasets most of which are non-neuro, but you can look through about the 10 EEG datasets, or separate the psychomotor entries from other datasets as well. https://physionet.org/about/database/

  2. OpenNeuro public datasets: this is a goldmine, and has a great CLI package for importing as well. https://openneuro.org/public/datasets/

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