A recent ANTS binary for linux? (CentOS)

Does anyone have a CentOS compatible binary of a recent version of ANTS? I am currently using the one provided by the ANTS crew, which dates from 2015…
Thank you in advance!

Hi @r03ert0 - I compiled ANTs today on Centos 6 (from commit 646459bf297a50cdf608ea7d39cb79b44906ad22). I uploaded a tarball of the binaries to Dropbox.

I built ANTs with the following Dockerfile:

FROM centos:6

WORKDIR /tmp/ants-build
RUN yum install -y -q ca-certificates cmake gcc-c++ git make zlib-devel
RUN git clone https://github.com/stnava/ANTs.git \
    && cd ANTs \
    && git checkout 646459bf297a50cdf608ea7d39cb79b44906ad22 \
    && cd .. && mkdir build && cd build \
    && cmake ../ANTs && make -j 2 \
    && mkdir -p /opt/ants \
    && mv bin/* /opt/ants && mv ../ANTs/Scripts/* /opt/ants \
    && cd /tmp && rm -rf ants-build
ENV ANTSPATH=/opt/ants
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Thank you very much @kaczmarj !