AAL regions and Gordon atlas parcels

I have Gordon’s atlas nifti and cifti files and I want to map each parcels to the anatomical regions from the AAL atlas (other similar atlas can be good too). How can I do that?

You can instatiate a NiftiMasker by providing a binarized version of the Gordon atlas and then see for each region what is the most frequent labels of the voxels taken from the AAL or other atlas.

Thank you for your reply!
Do you have an example maybe? In what platform can I do that?

Have you got what to do?
If yes, please let me know how you did it.
I also have a question on atlases, if possible kindly check my question on ‘Brain Network Analysis’

I wrote a matlab code that take the Gordon atlas and overlay it with anatomical atlas (Talairach and AAL).
You can see the code with the atlases here:

I hope it will help you,