ABCD: CBCL & baseline resting state fMRI

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I am struggling with ABCD querying on NDA. I need CBCL scores and minimally preprocessed resting-state fMRI, but only for baseline visits. I’ve explored a bunch of data structures so far, but I can’t find a way to submit this query. Has anyone faced a similar issue? Also it looks like CBCL is only available for 244 subjects which can’t be the case.


For the CBCL data you’ll need to download the curated annual release. From release 5 and onward they are packaging this as a zip file. They point out that you won’t be able to download individual structures since everything is packaged together. But, once you unzip, you can find the CBCL structure and subset that table to only include baseline rows. See Downloading the tabulated data for more info about getting the zip file.

For the imaging data, you’ll want to use the fmriresults01 structure that is included in the annual release. From here you can subset this structure to only include baseline rows. You can follow the directions outlined in the ABCD-repronim materials repo.

Let me know if any of this is confusing or doesn’t work!


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Hi Dustin,
Thanks so much for the response.

Ok, I got a similar response from the ABCD manager. The download manager is super slow on my mac, and I suspect it’s because the whole ‘fmriresults01’ package is just too large. Searching and selecting only the baseline rows like this slows it down even further until it freezes. I’d be surprised if I was the only one experiencing these issues. So I was wondering whether only baseline visits could be included in the package. But I suppose it’s not possible. Maybe API could be the solution, I’ll take a look.

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