ABCD Design Matrix for MID Task?

Anyone know if there is documentation into everything that was included in the design matrix for the ABCD MID task? Most of the publications I’ve seen are on the vague side. I’m trying to determine all the events that they modeled (if any beyond conditions/contrast of interest).

Thanks so much!

@stefanieg You might want to check these two repositories and see if you can get a step closer? I’ve never done what you’re trying to do, but I worked adjacent to these projects.

  1. GitHub - DCAN-Labs/abcd-bids-tfmri-pipeline: Pipeline to complete within-run and between-runs analyses of task-based fMRI dense timeseries data. This tool works with data that were minimally processed using the DCAN Labs' ABCD-HCP-Pipeline, including their Collection 3165 release through NDA.
  2. GitHub - DCAN-Labs/abcd_task_prep: repository which reads in eprime task files from SST, MID, and nBack tasks.

@stefanieg I found another one of these and thought you might want to take a look a that possibly too. Good luck!

Thanks so much, @earl! I appreciate the information–it is very helpful.