Accessing collection metadata via NeuroVault website

On the NeuroVault website, when you are in a collection, you can see the metadata of each individual contrast, but not the metadata for the entire collection. Is there a place where you can see this metadata (e.g., task, description, etc.) without having to use some form of computer programming? If not, is there a comprehensive how-to somewhere that we can use? We are not very familiar with coding practices yet but we would like to start using NeuroVault!
Thanks very much in advance.


The metadata of a collection is accessible from the collection landing page (for example: ) after clicking on the “Metadata” tab:

Metadata of individual maps/images is available at the bottom of each image landing page (for example:

Thank you for your reply. I meant the other metadata that you can include while making a new collection, such as the task used, info about participants, etc. However, I just noticed that the task is part of the individual contrast (cognitive_paradigm_cogatlas?), whereas I thought that was part of the collection metadata.

And probably many users don’t include information about subjects, design, acquisition, etc. which would be why they are not visible in the collection metadata, am I right in assuming that? In that case, I’m sorry to have bothered you with this question :slight_smile:

Indeed those fields are not filled by must users and thus are not visible.