Accessing gene expression data in Neurovault not possible anymore

Hi everyone,

I was trying to access the gene expression data on Neurovault using a URL but it’s not working anymore. The URL that I used is like this: I tried it with different image_IDs and it’s giving me the error: 404 not found.
It still worked a couple of weeks ago.

Is there any chance to fix this problem as I need this data for my analyses.

Thank you very much!

I don’t know which data set was on this neurovault page, but maybe if there is a publication that is associated to this data, it might help if you link it here for people to see. Is it by any chance associated to the AHBA data also accessible using the the abagen package?

Edit/Update: I think you are looking for this: Neurosynth-Gene?

Thanks for your answer. The data set from this Neurovault page is something that I uploaded. It’s a surface overlay that I used to decode associated genes and I would need to run my analysis again. So I basically uploaded surface overlays to Neurovault which sends the files to Neurosynth for decoding and then accessed this json file with the gene expression data and used it for my analysis.
I used this URL for example:

Accessing this URL gives me an error message.

Neurosynth Gene is not exactly what I need unfortunately.

I hope the description is helpful. Any help to access this data is appreciated.


Hi all, thanks for developing and maintaining Neurovault, such an amazing tool! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue. when I carry out a gene decoding analysis of a fMRI image with rjson I get the error: HTTP status was 404 not found.

Have you recently changed the way people can access the fMRI maps loaded in Neurovault? Thanks for all the support you can give, Marco

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing the same issue to access loaded fMRI maps from Neurovault as Marco explained above. I am getting this error message in R that I did not get before:

Error in file(con, “r”) :
cannot open the connection to ‘

I really appreciate you help on this.

Thanks a lot for your support,