Add phase encode to heuristics file in heudiconv

Using heudiconv, I have generated a BIDS compliant directory for my data and thus far really like the software, thanks. However, I wonder if it is possible to add to the heuristics file some form of exception or rule regarding phase encoding direction? Specifically, in preprocessing some of my fmri data with fmriprep, I found that the phase encode direction for run-01 for one subject was not what was to be expected (i.e., “j-” instead of “j”). As such, susceptibility distortion correction for this run needs to be handled differently from the others (or more likely, dropped altogether). Yet, as far as I can tell, there is no way in the heuristics framework to specify the phase encode direction, which might otherwise protect against this run (where PE=“j-”) being grouped with all other runs (where PE=“j”).

Any suggestions for a solution are welcome. Thanks in advance.