Adding .bvct and .log files to the dataset


I am preparing dataset with BIDS standard. I would like to include raw .bvct files (Brain Products Captrak localizer files) and original, raw Presentation logfiles (*.log). Where would be the best place to put them and how to name them? For now I added them to /sourcedata/eeg directory with names:

sub-x_localizer.bvct and sub-x_task-taskname_events.log

Although, of course BIDS validator does not like it.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @kst1 I am shipping BVCT files in this dataset: sappelhoff/mpib_sp_eeg: The `mpib_sp_eeg` dataset. - G-Node GIN

As you can see, I store them in sourcedata/, as you already suggest. The bids-validator ignores the sourcedata/directory, so your solution should work. I suspect the validator error is triggered by something else.