Adding Tags to BIDS

Hi @ChrisGorgolewski

Out of curiosity, is it possible to create additional “tags” in BIDS format?

For example, the current format does something like:

  • dataset

  • sub-01

  •    > ses-first
  •            >func
  •                 >*_bold_task_*
  •                 >*_bold_task_events*

Would it be possible to do something like:

  • PI

  • > data-set1
  • > data-set2
  •       > sub-01
  •          > ses-first
  •            >func
  •                 >*_bold_task_*
  •                 >*_bold_task_events*

I’m aware it could be added to the metadata, but I’m concerned that would allow for other researchers to see other data from another investigator who might not have the ability to release their data.

Hi @TDeramus

Thank you for your question! The set up could work. Each data-set would be their own datasets by this set up. I would recommend validating the structure of this set up (with one subject in each dataset). The validation would happen at the data-set level

Thank you,

Thanks much @franklin

I’ll give it a shot and update everyone in the thread accordingly.