ADHD-200 Preprocessed Data with Testing Data on AAL template

Dear Community members

I am trying to download the ADHD-200 preprocessed dataset with testing dataset as well on AAL template from the following link

ADHD-200 preprocessed

My Internet speed is very low but still I managed to download the AAL file because it was small like less than 200MB, but now the problem is the testing data, because for each site they have uploaded the testing dataset as well.



and for testing data for each of other sites as well.

I guess the above files are the testing dataset that one can use for testing for classification method. But my problem is that these are huge files and I am not able to download these files, if any body knows some solution because I need these preprocessed testing data as well in AAL template then it would be extremely useful and beneficial for me.

Thanks in advance

Please if somebody has such data in mat for pkl format then please share on my following email addresses whichever is easy for you guys.