ADHD 200 Preprocessed - How can I get the confound files?

Hi, I am currently working on a research project about functional connectivity in patients with ADHD.

For this project I want to use the ADHD 200 sample. In a first step, I used nilearn to load the preprocessed data as described here: nilearn.datasets.fetch_adhd - Nilearn

But this subdataset only contains 40 participants. To get more data, I tried to download the preprocessed data from NITRC (NITRC: The Neuro Bureau: Tool/Resource Filelist). To be more specific, I downloaded “All preprocessing results of the neuroimage test sample” (Package: ADHD200 Preproc NIAK) but I couldn’t find the respective confound files for each subject.

Can someone please help me out where I can get the confound files?

Thank you!

Ahoi hoi @nwiltberg,

thank you very much for your question and welcome to neurostars, it’s great to have you here.

I’m brashly tagging a few folks who might know more about this (sorry y’all): @pbellec , @Steven, @satra , @yarikoptic.

Cheers, Peer

Somehow I missed that message in November.
It’s very likely too late, but I will still answer for reference.

The nii files located in the fmri folder are fully preprocessed.
There is no need to apply confound regression (and same applies to parcel-based time series).

I had a quick look and I don’t think a full array of confound regressors was shipped in this release.
A comprehensive array of confound regressors only became available in latter versions of NIAK.

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Thank you very much for your reply @pbellec!
Can you then please also help us with the question of how the data available on nilearn (nilearn.datasets.fetch_adhd differ from the data available on NITRC? The nilearn release also contains the confound files and as far as @PeerHerholz and I understood, nilearn refers to NITRC and the released data was also preprocessed using NIAK.

Thanks alot!

From what I can see, nilearn fetches from a dataset adhd40 they are hosting on nitrc: NITRC: Nilearn: Tool/Resource Filelist

I don’t know how those data were preprocessed and was not involved in the preparation.
I don’t recognize the naming pattern either (%s_rest_tshift_RPI_voreg_mni.nii.gz), it does not seem to fit either the athena or niak preprocessed release of the ADHD-200 dataset.
I searched a little bit the docs but could not find pointers to documentation on how these files have been preprocessed.

Maybe @bthirion has some insights.