Adjusting colorbar in Nilearn.plotting

I’m trying to plot an image including values bigger than 0. Values are corresponding to a ratio numbers, so it’s important to be able to separate values smaller than 1 (blue color) and bigger than 1 (red color) along with a white collor for 1. I also needed to log normalized values.

I’m currently using the following code to represent, but I need help to have a colorbar similar to what I explained like the colorbar requested in link . Thank you.

plotting.plot_stat_map(img_, vmax=60, black_bg=True, display_mode='ortho', colorbar=True,
                                    cmap='seismic',cut_coords=[4,15,0], draw_cross=False)


IIRC plot_stat_map will always center the colormap on 0. to have it centered on 1 you would probably need to use the lower-level plot_img instead, and select vmin and vmax such that vmax - 1 = 1 - vmin