Afni docker gui on windows

Hi all,

Tyring to use afni-make-build docker to run afni on a remote windows computer. Program runs wonderfuly, but can’t get gui to open.

Followed instructions here…afni docker info

including using this code to open gui…

docker run --rm -ti                  \
    --user=`id -u`                   \
    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
    -e DISPLAY=${DISPLAY}            \
    -v ${HOME}:/opt/home             \

I am running this through ubuntu and getting this error…

Initializing: X11Erorr: Can’t open display

Anyone run into this? is this something I can fix without admin privledges?


Have you installed VcXsrv (or similar) to serve up the X? It’s described a bit here for at least older WSL (WSL1):

You basically need that to serve up the X, to be able to open a GUI (even gedit) from WSL.


So appreciated, thank you for the response.

I finally gave up and asked IT how I could install this program (was trying to avoid installs and hence my looking to the afni docker option). I was able to get it running with mobaXterm in place of VcXsrv. For anyone else that runs into this problem in the future here is what you need to do…

  1. download and install mobaxterm (or alternative)

  2. follow the instructions here under mobaxterm setup.

Running Linux Desktop Apps From a Docker Container on Windows with MobaXterm

  1. I went into started docker in windows, went into ubuntu (this is linked with my docker) and then typed in the following…

docker run -it --rm -e DISPLAY= afni/afni-make-build

Here you would substitute your display info and whatever your afni container is called.  

4) then you should see a prompt linked to afni and open gui as your normally would "afni"  

That's a brief run down, but just FYI if it helps someone else.  You could also use neurodesk, but this didn't seem to be a very fast option when you just want to inspect some output.
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