AFQ browser and QSIprep pyAFQ tractometry outputs

I generated pyAFQ tractometry in qsiprep, but was unable to use it with AFQ-browser which requires AFQ or tracula output or manually created text files (The AFQ-Browser data format — afqbrowser 0.1 documentation)

I do not immediately see relevant information in the pyAFQ directory that I could convert. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hi @Dianne_Patterson , I have the same question!

Well, I’ve learned a little:

  1. qsirecon runs participant level processing, whereas the streamlines.json and other files for afq-browser are produced by the group level processing in the original pyAFQ library.

  2. It is possible to download and run pyAFQ on the qsiprep directory. With some directory restructuring, pyAFQ will even re-use the output of qsirecon.

See pyAFQ_tractometry: Where is the streamlines.json equivalent? · Issue #663 · PennLINC/qsiprep · GitHub

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