AI research internship (remote)

OffNote Labs ( is an independent, remote research lab, founded by Dr. Nishant Sinha (ex-IBM Research, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon).
OffNote Labs invites applications for its exclusive, fun and ambitious AI research program for young researchers. Apply at < >.

  • Freedom to work on cutting-edge research problems in AI and Deep Learning: NLP, Computer Vision, Speech and Systems
  • Open to all engineering disciplines
  • Problems tuned to your skill level, but a good familiarity with deep learning required
  • Read latest papers, code repositories; explore to select interesting research problems, implement your ideas, present research talks, write paper summaries, and more.
  • Students aspiring for higher studies value this program as a stepping stone.
  • The program is tough: designed for self-motivated, ambitious individuals, who love to learn, build disruptive software and contribute to open-source research community.
  • Several students published their research from this program.
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