All NMA Q&A discussion, continued!

The Q&As are so much fun, thank you all for your awesome questions!

So it’s now about to be Week 1 Day 3, and this is where things start getting really technical (super fun). Starting at W1D3 Q&A, the panelists are often guest scientists with diverse, exciting expertise but who may not have gone through every tutorial in super great detail. So from now on the Q&A format may focus more on broad questions that can spark discussion and debate, so we can hear diverse perspectives.

BUT this doesn’t mean that technical questions aren’t important! So let’s keep the conversation going even after the live Q&A is over. If your question wasn’t answered, share it here every day, to help us all see the overlap in questions, discussion, controversy… and this means that anybody can answer a question now! So TAs, Mentors, volunteers, students – if you know the answer to a question that we couldn’t get to in the Q&A, let’s share answers here and then you can also discuss in the Hubs and in your pods. We’ll also be transferring unanswered questions over here sometimes to keep the conversation going.

Hope you’re all having fun!