Analysis based on fMRI coil channels

I often conduct fMRI experiments and usually use a 64-channel coil, but sometimes I have to use a 20-channel coil due to size constraints. I’m curious if there’s a significant difference in signal values between these two during fMRI tasks and DTI. Additionally, I wonder if there are any guidelines for correction factors that should be used during analysis and whether these should be applied to the analysis.

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This article can give you some clues about this comparison:

Kaza, E.; Klose, U.; Lotze, M. Comparison of a 32-Channel with a 12-Channel Head Coil: Are There Relevant Improvements for Functional Imaging? Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2011, 34 (1), 173–183.

In brief, you get more signal heterogeneity with the 64 Channel compared to the 20 channel coil but also more SNR.
Also the capacity of acceleration (parallel imaging and multi band imaging) is increased with the 64 channel.

You have to be careful when you compare data from different coils but if the acceleration is not to high and with robust correction for signal heterogeneity and noise, you should be able to aggregate data using these two coils.

i used grapha2 sms4
you know correction factor?