Analyzing PET imaging data in Python: Packages?

Hi all,

I want to translate MATLAB code analysing PET data to Python, to make the pipeline reproducible and open-source. However, I don’t know where to start in terms of packages and software, hence my question.

Specifically, what I aim to do, is to register raw PET images to MNI-space and to compute which voxels are over a certain threshold of tracer signal in the raw PET images for each individual. Thus, I will need to access the voxel-wise data from an individual’s PET scan. Do you have any idea if and how this is feasible in any pipeline in Python I can produce myself?

I came across NiftyPET - a Python package that should contain functions for PET image reconstruction, manipulation, processing, and analysis - however from the documentation it is not clear to me whether I can do the type of analyses that I plan to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I hope you can send me in the right direction.

Thank you,

Hi. Do you get the solution?