Announcing INCF's GSoC 2021 students

Dear all,

I am happy to announce our 23 GSoC students for this year:
Shiven Tripathi @ShivenTripathi
Aditya Wagh @adityawagh114
Ishan Vatsaraj
Harsh Kilawala @Harsh
Evgeniia Karunus @Evgenia
Nitik Jain @nitik1998
Diptanshu Mittal @Diptanshu_Mittal
Nga Tran
Anouskha Ramesh @Anoushka_Ramesh
Psyogi Soma @Psyogi
Piyumal Demotte @Piyumal_Demotte
Pranav Mahajan @Pranav_Mahajan
David Romero Bascones
Ante Kapetanovich @alk
Yorguin Jose Mantilla Ramos
Viet Hoang @viet
Sahil Walke @sahil_walke
Steph Prince @stephprince
Kinshuk Kasyap @kinshuk
Mainak Deb @Mainak_Deb
Svea Meyer
Dinesh Sathia Ray @DSSR
Aditya Rudra @adityaofficial10

We are happy to have you work with our mentors this summer, welcome to INCF!
Any questions? Ask here or tag @malin or @arnab1896 in a question (please use the GSoC category)


Hi @malin! As you couldn’t find me, just to let you know I am David Romero Bascones and this is my username.

Hi @malin ! I’m Yorguin José Mantilla Ramos if you guys need my username.

Hi @malin! I am Ishan Vatsaraj and this is my username.

Hi @malin! I am Elijah Noisin and my username: @Psyogi .

Thanks all, you should now be added to the GSoC students group!

Hi @malin! I am Nga Tran and my username is @ngatran.

excellent, thanks for notifying me, I will add you to the GSoC students group!

Hi @malin! I am Svea Marie Meyer and my username is @SveaMarieMeyer.

Hi @SveaMarieMeyer! I’ll go ahead and add you to the GSoC students’ group rightaway.

@GSoC_Students < ---- now you should be able to contact the whole group at once by using this group handle

@malin Please add me to the GSoC student group.

You are added! Thanks.

Hi all @GSoC_Students, happy first official GSoC coding day!

Don’t forget the first weekly microreport on Friday:

  1. What did you get done this week?
  2. What are you planing to do next week?
  3. Are you blocked on anything?

It should take 5-10 minutes to write, a few sentences is fine.

Post it either on your blog or webpage, on Neurostars under your project’s official thread, in an email to me+ Arnab+your mentor(s), in a shared doc… or any other place, just tell us where to find it!