Announcing INCF's GSoC 2021 students

Dear all,

I am happy to announce our 23 GSoC students for this year:
Shiven Tripathi @ShivenTripathi
Aditya Wagh @adityawagh114
Ishan Vatsaraj
Harsh Kilawala @Harsh
Evgeniia Karunus @Evgenia
Nitik Jain @nitik1998
Diptanshu Mittal @Diptanshu_Mittal
Nga Tran
Anouskha Ramesh @Anoushka_Ramesh
Psyogi Soma @Psyogi
Piyumal Demotte @Piyumal_Demotte
Pranav Mahajan @Pranav_Mahajan
David Romero Bascones
Ante Kapetanovich @alk
Yorguin Jose Mantilla Ramos
Viet Hoang @viet
Sahil Walke @sahil_walke
Steph Prince @stephprince
Kinshuk Kasyap @kinshuk
Mainak Deb @Mainak_Deb
Svea Meyer
Dinesh Sathia Ray @DSSR
Aditya Rudra @adityaofficial10

We are happy to have you work with our mentors this summer, welcome to INCF!
Any questions? Ask here or tag @malin or @arnab1896 in a question (please use the GSoC category)


Hi @malin! As you couldn’t find me, just to let you know I am David Romero Bascones and this is my username.

Hi @malin ! I’m Yorguin José Mantilla Ramos if you guys need my username.

Hi @malin! I am Ishan Vatsaraj and this is my username.

Hi @malin! I am Elijah Noisin and my username: @Psyogi .

Thanks all, you should now be added to the GSoC students group!

Hi @malin! I am Nga Tran and my username is @ngatran.

excellent, thanks for notifying me, I will add you to the GSoC students group!

Hi @malin! I am Svea Marie Meyer and my username is @SveaMarieMeyer.

Hi @SveaMarieMeyer! I’ll go ahead and add you to the GSoC students’ group rightaway.

@GSoC_Students < ---- now you should be able to contact the whole group at once by using this group handle

@malin Please add me to the GSoC student group.

You are added! Thanks.

Hi all @GSoC_Students, happy first official GSoC coding day!

Don’t forget the first weekly microreport on Friday:

  1. What did you get done this week?
  2. What are you planing to do next week?
  3. Are you blocked on anything?

It should take 5-10 minutes to write, a few sentences is fine.

Post it either on your blog or webpage, on Neurostars under your project’s official thread, in an email to me+ Arnab+your mentor(s), in a shared doc… or any other place, just tell us where to find it!


Hi all @GSoC_Students,

please remember to submit your mid-term evaluations before the deadline on July 16. It is better to submit early than late, so we ask our mentors to submit their evaluations by July 14 just in case - we suggest you aim for that date, too, to have a margin for unknown last minute issues. Keeping the deadline is important, because Google makes no exceptions for anyone, regardless of the reason.

Happy coding!


Hi again @GSoC_Students,

please remember to submit your final evaluations before the deadline on August 23 (18 UTC).