Announcing the NWB-DANDI Remote Developer Hackathon

Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) and the DANDI neurophysiology data archive development teams are joining together to create a remote hackathon event for developers. In contrast to the User Days hackathons that focus on training users, this event will focus on bringing together the developers of the NWB data standard, the DANDI development team, and developers of tools in the NWB ecosystem.

Pre-hackathon project pitch session:


This hackathon will enable participants to work intensively on an NWB or DANDI-related project with the assistance of core developers and others in the community. We will share updates with each other on NWB, DANDI, and related community projects. Together, we can develop and discuss ideas for solving technical problems that impact the broader community. Our goal is to foster collaboration and community among developers working on and with NWB and DANDI.

Suggested tracks:

  • Information standards, Ontologies, NWB extensions
  • NWB and/or DANDI-enabled tools
  • Contributions to NWB and/or DANDI core software
  • Interfacing with data acquisition systems and building tools for data conversion
  • Documentation and diagrams

See the event webpage for more information.

Click here to register for this free event.