ANTS registration/nipype: perform only linear transformation


I am trying to use nipype’s ANTS interface for registration. I want to perform linear transformation only on a set of subjects using the following terminal command:

ANTS 3 -m MI[movingimage,referenceimage,1,2] -i 0 --rigid-affine true -o outputname

By setting the “–rigid-affine” to be true, ANTS won’t perform non-linear warp and only outputs outAffine.txt. However, I do not see this option in nipype’s ANTS interface. When I tried to set “-i” (number of non-linear iterations) to be 0, it reported errors.

Does anyone know how to set “–rigid-affine” to be true or how to perform linear transformation only using nipype’s ANTS interface? Any insights would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,

If something is missing in any given nipype interface you can always pass arbitrary command line arguments via args. For example:

interface.inputs.args = '-i 0 --rigid-affine true'