Ants Template Construction Warpfiles


I’d like to create Templates with everything seems to run fine and the script creates a template for each modality.

Example: -d 4 -c 2 -k 2 -t SyN -r 1 files.csv

while files.csv contains two sessions with two modalities:


I get two templates, just as assumed: antsBTPtemplate0.nii.gz and antsBTPtemplate1.nii.gz
But I can find only two warpfiles: antsBTPses0_T1w01Warp.nii.gz, antsBTPses1_T1w21Warp.nii.gz While I would have expected 4 warpfiles. Also both files are in 4D with size of 3 in the 4th dimension. Additional

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the warpfiles to register additional files to the template-space directly from or do I need to run additonal registration?