antsAI missing from ANTS

I am trying to run fmriprep on a dataset locally, but somehow the fmriprep flow need antsAI. ( I have ANTS installed which does not contain ant antsAI binary. I also searched online, but seems like antsAI does not exist.
Please suggest what could be the issue here and how to get rid of it.

Found the solution myself:
The issues is you cannot find antsAI from ANTS git repo.
However when i looked at the dockerfile for fmriprep , I could see that they are using ANTS from a dropbox link which contains the antsAI. Here is the link:
I hope ANTS people can update ANTS on git too.

If I’m not wrong, antsAI replaced antsAffineInitializer on version 2.2.0. So basically you updated ANTs.

AFAIK, they are not updating their precompiled releases. If you want the latest 2.3.0, you’ll need to compile it yourself or wait for @kaczmarj to generate the binaries (I think he was generating all these binary packages, Jakub or @satra please correct me if I’m wrong)

Yes, I am still generating these binary packages. I have statically compiled versions 2.3.1 and 2.3.0 (and older ones) on CentOS 6, available here People can also clone that GitHub repo (use the branch add/versions for now) to build your own binaries.

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