Anyone wants to label the the Kay/Gallant stimuli by hand together?

I wonder if anyone wants to label the Kay/Gallant dataset by hand. The stimuli in the original dataset don’t have any labels. The labels in the data are predicted by a fine-tuned ResNet. So if you want to train a neural network model with these labels, it may not be effective. We can work together to label the dataset.

What we want to do is to divide the pictures into 4 categories: animate_animals, animate_human, inanimate_artifitial, inanimate_natural. We think this kind of classification seems plausible.


Hi! our group members manually labeled the kay dataset, we can share our labels. Our labels are bit more detailed so you might have to classify them again though!


Awesome! I have message you my email. Thank you very much for sharing.

Could you please share your labels with us?


Could we also ask for the labels?