Arcuate fasciculus reconstruction

I’m doing a research about the arcuate fasciculus i have used DTI to manual delineation of the arcuate fasciculus…how can I know if my reconstruction is correct

Hi @KAHLI_Fadila and welcome to neurostars!

It’s hard to know what is “correct” because the ground truth can only come from more exact methods like tracing and dissection. How did you do it manually? And does it agree with any of the automated segmentation algorithms (like PyAFQ, tractseg, etc).


hello @Steven
Thank you so much for your reply
actually I have used DTI studio software v.1.02 (CMRM, John Hopkins Medical Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA) with termination parameters of 0.20 and 60° turning angle.ROI was chosen based on fiber orientation. Regions of interest (ROI) for the AF have been drawn manually on brain MRI data by placing the first ROI at a coronal view where it appears as a green triangle. The second ROI was placed on the Axial view where the AF appears in green color lateral to the corona radiate
for automated segmentation I have no idea about it.

Hi @KAHLI_Fadila,

Unless there is a special reason why you want to do manual segmentation for this subject (for example, they have some brain abnormality that would make automated segmentation difficult), I would use automated segmentation. Manual segmentation should really be left to neuroanatomy experts.