Are the datasets in nilearn post fmriprep?

Are the data when fetching existing datasets normally after or before fmriprep?

For example, in this encoding model -

Are the functional files in dataset.func[12:] before or after fmriprep?

I am asking since I want to build something similar to my data, and I want to know if I should take raw data or fmriprep-ed

Hi @orko,

The nilearn datasets should have more information on their processing in their docstrings, though this could certainly be expanded !

The majority have undergone some level of preprocessing, though relatively few have been run through fMRIPrep specifically (the main exception I can think of is the fetch_development_fmri dataset).

For the fetch_miyawaki2008 dataset in particular, it’s had some level of processing (see: it’s already masked), and if you’re planning to run a similar analysis as the example you linked, I would definitely recommend preprocessing first !