AROMA in XCPEngine after fMRIPrep


The XCPEngine documentation suggests that only T1w and MNI152Lin2009cAsym are valid output spaces from fMRIPrep to input to XCP. However, in fMRIPrep, AROMA denoising is performed in MNI152NLin6Asym space. ICA-AROMA (with and without GSR) is included in XCP’s prebuilt designs. This leads me to ask a few questions:

  1. Would I be correct in saying that the correct way to add GSR to AROMA would be to edit Line 62 of the aroma design file and set GSR=1?
  2. Can I use a non-aggressively AROMA denoised file from fMRIPrep, given denoising was performed in Lin6Asym space?
    2.5) If I use a non-aggressive AROMA nifti, then would I not want to use AROMA in XCP?

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