ASL-BIDS and tasks

I see that what I think is the latest version of the BEP005 spec that updates BIDS to support ASL doesn’t seem to allow for task-based ASL scans. (At least I don’t see “task” anywhere in the template of the ASL section linked above.) Should task-based ASL scans go under the func directory instead? If so how should ASL files be named there? If not then where do we indicate the task name for ASL scans?

Hi @noahmerc the most recent ASL changes can now best be viewed by looking at the “latest” version. → Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Brain Imaging Data Structure v1.5.0-dev

Regarding your question, please see [ENH] - task label for ASL by a3sha2 · Pull Request #706 · bids-standard/bids-specification · GitHub for discussion.

I see - thanks. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the next version of the ASL portion of the spec addresses functional ASL scans.

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