ASLPREP doesn't calculate SCORE, SCRUB or BASIL

Hi all,

I use the ASLPREP version: 0.5.1 and ran on docker engine using the following command:
docker run -ti -m 12GB --rm -v location/license.txt:/license/license.txt -v location/ds000240:/data:ro -v location/ds000240/derivatives:/out:rw -v location/tmp/ds000240-workdir:/work:rw pennlinc/aslprep:0.5.1 /data /out/aslprep participant --participant-label 01 --fs-license-file /license/license.txt -w /work

However, I only get cbf calculations, in the ASL summary I get nan for SCRUB, BASIL and SCORE calculations. What could the cause of that be? I attached a screenshot below. Thank you for your help.

If you want SCORE/SCRUB and BASIL outputs, you need to include the flags for them (--scorescrub and --basil, respectively). See the list of parameters here.

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