Atlas agreement between qsiprep and xcp_d

Hi All,

I’m curious about how to get the same atlases out of both qsiprep and xcp_d.

The qsiprep docs - (Reconstruction — qsiprep version documentation) list some supported atlases namely various Schaefer atlases, but notably not the 4S atlases

The xcp_d docs - (Outputs of XCP-D — xcp_d 0.6.0rc7.dev1+g745e11c documentation) talk about the 4S atlases as modified Schaefer atlases.

What is the best way to get the same atlases in both modalities?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for these questions. Happy to move to github if that is preferred.


We’re working on getting the 4S atlases into QSIPrep, but they’re not there yet. Soon though!

The issue you linked is more about only producing outputs for some of the existing atlases (e.g., 4S-156, but not 256, 356, etc.), rather than choosing different atlases to get outputs for.

Until we have 4S in QSIPrep, you should be able to load the 4S outputs from XCP-D and just select the Schaefer nodes, then write out Schaefer-only outputs. The 4S atlas with the Schaefer 100 outputs is the 156 one (previously called 152, before we added hippocampus and amygdala nodes).

Ok. That is good to know.

There also seems to be at least some renaming (i.e. ‘RH_SalVentAttn_FrOper_1’ → ‘RH_SalVentAttn_FrOperIns_1’) So I may reach back out once I sort that out to make sure I did that correctly.

Thanks for all the help!