Atlas for MNI 2009c Asym template / coordinate transform to MNI 6th gen?


I was wondering if any of you know of an atlas for the newer MNI template used in fMRIPREP as the default (MNI152NLin2009cAsym), or a way to somehow transform coordinates from this template to the sixth-gen MNI that is used everywhere.

I want to double-check which brain regions are associated with the coordinates where I found a peak effect without relying solely on my eyes… but I’m realizing that the MNI152 sixth-gen and the MNI152NLin2009cAsym differ a little bit in what’s where, and most of the stuff out there is for the MNI152 sixth-gen that comes with FSL and SPM.

Thank you!!

We’ve meaning to include this within FMRIPREP for some time.

But, for you to use it today, please have a look on This comes from


EDIT: I see that this is for the b version of the template. Maybe it gives you some ideas to calculate the transform for v. c properly. Sorry about that.

Please not that SPM and FSL use different variants of the MNI template. Additionally depending which processing stream you use in SPM different templates are used. However, considering the spatial resolution of most fMRI data, I would be surprised if there was much of a difference in the results transformed between different templates.