Atlases are not perfectly place on the patient fMRI data

Firstly, I used DPARSF for fMRI preprocessing. It generates ALFF, fALFF, ReHo files for each patient.

Then, I am trying to use plot_roi to plot the aal atlas on the ALFF, fALFF, ReHo files. The aal atlas perfectly places on the ALFF, fALFF files, but it does not work for ReHo files for each patient.

I am using the following codes:

from nilearn import datasets

dataset = datasets.fetch_atlas_aal(version='SPM12')

atlas_filename, labels = dataset.maps, dataset.labels

plotting.plot_roi(atlas_filename, file_name, black_bg= False)

Can anyone please help me how can I make it perfectly fitted?

Or Can anyone please tell me what are the problems?

Sample fMRI data link:

My impression is that the Reho procedure generates a dilated image.
I guess that ALFF, fALFF and Reho images have the same affine and field of view ?
If yes, then the Reho image has a dilated aspect wrt the others.

I think you are right.
Actually, we applied smoothing before extracting the ALFF, fALFF., but for ReHo, we don’t apply smoothing before extracting the Reho features.

Thanks for your help.