Attention Neuroimaging x Open Science Enthusiasts: Reproducible Neuroimaging Complaints Box!

Hello everyone,

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, and/or fatigued navigating the landscape of Open and Reproducible Science best practices and tools? You are not alone!

Based on several conversations at the OHBM hackathon this year, we have been working on a short practical guide on FAIR data management and reproducible research workflows, based on our own experiences working with messy, large neuroimaging datasets. To help with this effort, we would like to send out a survey that also doubles as a way to vent about our shared frustrations and challenges in adoption of these principles, so we can better identify where the big blockers are.

Here is the link to our survey.

We encourage you to dive in and share widely with your colleagues in neuroimaging.

Many thanks,
Yu-Fang, Nikhil, and Seb