AttributeError in qsiprep


Summary of what happened:

I am running qsiprep to preprocess dwi files with phase diff fmaps and t1

Command used (and if a helper script was used, a link to the helper script or the command generated):

singularity run --cleanenv \
  -B ${WORK_DIR}:/work \
  -B $OUTPUT:/out \
  -B $BIDSROOT:/data \
  ${CONTAINER_DIR}/qsiprep-0.21.4.sif \
  /data /out participant \
  --participant-label $SUBJECT_NUM  \
  -w /work \
  --skip-bids-validation \
  --verbose \
  --fs-license-file $FS_LICENSE \
  --stop-on-first-crash \
  --output-resolution 2 \
  --unringing-method mrdegibbs --denoise-method dwidenoise \
  --hmc_model eddy \



Environment (Docker, Singularity / Apptainer, custom installation):

Singularity / Apptainer
it’s already installed on the computing machine and I am loading it with:
module load StdEnv/2023 apptainer

Data formatted according to a validatable standard? Please provide the output of the validator:

yes it is BIDS format

Relevant log outputs (up to 20 lines):

240619-05:26:18,555 nipype.workflow IMPORTANT:
	 Creating dwi processing workflow "dwi_preproc_ses_01_wf" to produce output sub-001_ses-01 (1.06 GB / 82 DWIs). Memory resampled/largemem=1.23/1.29 GB.
240619-05:26:18,557 nipype.workflow INFO:
	 Automatically using 5, 5, 5 window for dwidenoise
240619-05:26:21,24 nipype.workflow INFO:
	 Using 8 threads in eddy
240619-05:26:21,40 nipype.workflow INFO:
	 Computing fieldmap directly from phasediff

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/multiprocessing/", line 314, in _bootstrap
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/multiprocessing/", line 108, in run
    self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/cli/", line 1091, in build_qsiprep_workflow
    retval["workflow"] = init_qsiprep_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/", line 237, in init_qsiprep_wf
    single_subject_wf = init_single_subject_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/", line 748, in init_single_subject_wf
    dwi_preproc_wf = init_dwi_preproc_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/dwi/", line 406, in init_dwi_preproc_wf
    hmc_wf = init_fsl_hmc_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/dwi/", line 422, in init_fsl_hmc_wf
    b0_sdc_wf = init_sdc_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/fieldmap/", line 244, in init_sdc_wf
    sdc_unwarp_wf = init_sdc_unwarp_wf(
  File "/opt/conda/envs/qsiprep/lib/python3.10/site-packages/qsiprep/workflows/fieldmap/", line 180, in init_sdc_unwarp_wf
    vsm2dfm = pe.Node(itk.FUGUEvsm2ANTSwarp(), name="vsm2dfm")
AttributeError: module 'niworkflows.interfaces.itk' has no attribute 'FUGUEvsm2ANTSwarp'

Screenshots / relevant information:

I still have the same error, any one has encountered this before?

I saw this problem has an open issue on their github: Error when using FUGUE for fieldmap (after removing niworkflows) · Issue #752 · PennLINC/qsiprep · GitHub