Average charge of mini EPSCs and mini IPSCs?

Does any of you know what the average charge of minis is?

I think that’s going to depend on several dimensions and that there is no good way to classify an average. For example, if you have a long lasting pre-synaptic stimulation, pre-synaptic vesicles may become more depleted and released less frequently, making the I/EPSC smaller overtime. Also, the pre-synaptic stimulation strength will determine the amount of vesicle release, so there is variability in that dimension too. Then there are different types of neurotransmitters, different clinical conditions or drugs that may have an impact, and different kinds of vesicle release patterns (the eyes and ears have vesicle ribbons that facilitate quick simultaneous release of vesicles, which make them different than other synapses). Hope that helps, even though it doesn’t answer your question.


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Hi Steven, thank you for your great reply! Yeah I was not looking for anything precise, but more for a broad range like 0.001-0.005 nanoamp or something like that. But not even that, I was more interested in knowing how mEPSCs differ from mIPSCs. Do you maybe have good papers to recommend? I’ve tried to look in the literature but can find only partial answers.